DDoS Mitigation Services

We provide class-leading global DDoS mitigation service that protects Internet operations from the debilitating service disruptions caused by DDoS attacks.
By employing a unique philosophy in attack mitigation, Grove provides a distributed denial of service (‘DDoS’) defense solution that is more powerful and effective than any other on the market today. Our service enables enterprises and service providers to scale against the largest and most aggressive DDoS attacks on the Internet. For businesses that rely on their Internet environments to produce revenue or for day-to-day operations, in-line network defense is required to ensure that business will not be impacted during next generation attacks.

Our services use a global network designed to protect businesses from all forms of distributed denial of service attacks and emerging security threats to DNS, VoIP, and email while simultaneously increasing network performance. Leveraging unique filtering techniques, high-speed bandwidth and peering, advanced routing, and other patent- pending devices, we have created the most powerful DDoS detection and protection system in the world. Consequently, we have demonstrated success in monitoring, filtering, and routing massive traffic flows, often shouldering multi-Gigabit-per-second distributed attacks for its customers. Our solution is easily implemented into networks of all sizes, often with little or no infrastructure investment.

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