Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FBI Investigating NASDAQ DDOS Attacks

An investigation is now underway by Federal agents over numerous network intrusions that run the Nasdaq Stock exchange, according to cnet.
Although the hackers did not affect the exchange’s trading platforms, it is not quite clear at this time what other parts of the network were accessed.
The FBI recently launched an investigation and announced they are considering a range of motives for the intrusions, including a threat to national security, financial gain, and theft of trade secrets.
Reports say that those familiar with the investigation are saying that surfaced evidence points to Russia as the intruder’s location. However, investigators warn that the hackers may be using the country as a channel for their actions.
This is not the first time the Nasdaq has been targeted by hackers. In 1999, the group called “United Loan Gunmen” accessed the site and posted a headline entitled “United Loan Gunmen take control of Nasdaq stock market.” The headline was quickly erased and Nasdaq officials said that the trading platforms were never breached.


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