Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pakistan Government gets DDoS – Government Official websites go black!

At about 7:00 PM Pakistan Time on Sunday the 6th March, almost all of the websites hosted by the Government of Pakistan – were down due to distributed denial of service attacks. Government of Pakistan websites are hosted by their absolutely incompetent agency called National Telecommunication Corporation (www.ntc.net.pk ) and are protected by Internet’s most famous scammers, Server4Sale / BlockDos.

The websites of Senate, FIA (Federal Investigation Agency), National Assembly, and all the Ministries, etc. including the official portal of Pakistan (www.pakistan.gov.pk) were all down due to the inability of NTC and sammers Server4Sale / BlockDoS to handle the DDoS attack.
Recently, after awarding a controversial contract to Server4Sale / BlockDoS which is possibly going to be investigated for collusion by Transparency International and the Auditor General of Pakistan, the downtime of these websites has increased dramatically.
As per contract details there is penalty of Rs. 10,000 per minute that websites are down. On Sunday the attack continued, and it seemed as though both the entities involved in the protection of Pakistan Government’s Official Websites were incapable of doing a simple job of protecting them.


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